Asbestos Roof Repair

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Asbestos Roof Repair

Asbestos roof repair services in Gloucester

Asbestos cement sheeting is one of the most common uses of asbestos in industrial premises due to its excellent thermal qualities. Industrial asbestos roofs from the mid-20th century are prone to deteriorating, becoming cracked, brittle or damaged. Once the asbestos cement sheets become damaged there is the risk of the fibres becoming airborne.

Asbestos roof repair by overcladding

If the asbestos roofing is not damaged then another option may be to overclad them. This involves enclosing them in a safe, secure cladding solution so they won’t become disturbed and therefore be essentially harmless.

If you’re not sure which service is better we will provide you with a full asbestos roofing survey as appropriate and offer you our advice on which option to go for.

Asbestos roof repair using Acrylic roof coating

An alternative to overclad ideal for repairs with difficult access in hard to reach areas. Acrylic roof coating is a low cost, fast curing option for dealing with asbestos roof problems.

  • Acrylic roof coatings composing of multiple components
  • UV stable
  • Solvent based roof coating membrane
  • Fibre reinforcement
  • Long lasting
  • Appliable to corrugated steel and asbestos sheeting and surfaces

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Asbestos Roof Repair

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